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Substitute Nurse

Granite Falls School District - Granite Falls, WA

Posted: 12/1/2020

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This is a posting for substitute nurses with the Granite Falls School District supporting medically fragile students. This position may require riding transportation with medically fragile student(s) and may be responsible for individual seizure and individual diabetic care. This position is district-wide so it may or may not be in one building and may transition across buildings district-wide.

Substitute work is on-call and not guaranteed. A valid nursing certificate and current First Aid/CPR certification is required.

Granite Falls School District Job Description: NURSE
Provide a wide range of health related services for the school community including health education, health intervention, and promotion of a health environment; design/implement/coordinate a health program that will respond to each student’s unique developmental health needs, contribute to a safe and healthy school environment, ensure that health needs are recognized and planned for in the total school program, and meet state and federal health-related requirements.
To effectively perform the essential functions of any position with the District, regular attendance is required and expected. Typical duties for the district nurse may include:
1. Develops systems for establishing and maintaining up-to-date cumulative health records for all students
consistent with school policies, administrative direction, and state and federal requirements.
2. Develops and supervises initial and follow-up hearing and vision screening procedures.
3. Develops and supervises systems and procedures for compliance with the state immunization requirements.
4. Provides examinations and evaluations when services are requested and makes appropriate referrals.
5. Acts as the district’s liaison with the Snohomish County Health District.
6. Acts as the district’s liaison with the Department of Social and Health Services/Child Protective Services on
child abuse referrals.
7. Acts as liaison with the medical community.
8. Prepares and submits, accurately and timely, school district, state, and federal health-related reports.
9. Serves as a professional resource and consultant in cooperation with district administration for identifying, evaluating, and providing services for all students.
10. Works with health care professionals and school personnel to provide appropriate educational services.
11. Instructs and supervises school personnel on the delivery of prescribed services.
12. Works in collaboration with the special education department to arrange for home-hospital tutoring for designated students.
13. Services as a professional resource and consultant with teaching staff in the development and delivery of curriculum related to maturational development and/or health problems.
14. Advises on the modification of the educational program to meet the health needs of students.
15. Assists and participates with classroom teachers in presenting curriculum units on health-related topics.
16. Observes students in the classroom on an as-needed basis.
17. Coordinates building-level activities to provide for the general health and welfare of students in collaboration with building principals.
18. Assists with the development of systems and procedures for the acquisition, management, and inventory of health equipment, supplies, and materials.
19. Reviews inspection reports made by county health officials and makes recommendations to the administration for improvement of school facilities.
20. Plans for and coordinates in-service first-aid programs for school staff in collaboration with the district safety officer.
21. Acts as resource person for school secretaries and/or office personnel who are responsible for emergency firstaid treatment.
22. Provides annual and ongoing training for the delegation of medication to building personnel to receive, catalog, and secure medication and administer medication.
23. Makes home visits when health problems indicate a need to communicate with parents in the home setting.
24. Attends committee meetings and conferences regarding health services on an alternating schedule with second nurse.
25. Oversee and directs all aspects of health room attendant responsibilities. Acts as a resource for health room attendants. Responsible for training and may schedule health room attendant substitutes.
26. Participates in staffing for students as part of the building team.
REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS: Director of Student Services and CTE
Requires above average ability reading, writing, mathematics, and communication skills; requires knowledge and understanding of laws and policies related to nursing in Washington State schools; requires ability to interpret and implement written instructions and accurately complete written reports, records, etc.; may experience frequent interruptions; requires adaptability and flexibility to work with a wide range of student behaviors and academic abilities and/or with a wide range of physical or emotional disabilities; requires patience and understanding when working under stressful situations and when working with students with special needs; may be required to calm distraught, angry or hostile students; requires cooperation and ability to work as a team member; requires efficient, adept organizational and time management skills.
Requires mobility (standing, walking, etc.); requires twisting upper torso and neck and slight bending forward without restrictions; occasional bending at waist to ground; requires good visual and hearing ability; exposure to infectious diseases carried by students; exposure to bodily fluids of any nature; exposure to student noise levels; may be required to lift and position students and assist with personal hygiene/toileting; may require prolonged standing, sitting, bending (stooping); may require restraining out of control students; may require assisting students with physical activities; requires mobility throughout district by motor vehicle.
Education and Experience
BS in Nursing; Valid Washington State license as a registered nurse (RN); experience in the school environment is desirable.
Licenses/Special Requirements
Satisfactory background clearance results (fingerprinting required); proof of ability to work in the United States; valid Washington State driver’s license, current CPR & first aid cards and HIV/AIDS training.
The preceding list of essential functions is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary.

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