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Terms of use

Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a WorkSource user

WorkSource use agreement

WorkSource Washington at is provided as a service to job seekers and employers in the state of Washington for informational purposes related to employment and job search only. Use of this service is limited to individual job seekers and employers who agree to hold the State of Washington and the Employment Security Department (ESD) harmless for any use of the information for reasons other than the stated purpose.

Job Seekers agree to abide by the WorkSource Resume Posting Guidelines, and understand that personal information may be shared with registered employers subject to the restrictions stated below. Personal Information shared with registered employers may include the job seeker’s name, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address and any other identifying information included in the text of the job seeker’s résumé.

Employers as defined herein may be granted access to the Resume Search and Job Posting features of An employer is a person, firm, corporation, or other association or organization that: (a) currently has a work site location within the state of Washington or a bordering labor market area in Alaska, Idaho, or Oregon, to which workers who are legally entitled to work in the United States may be referred for employment, and which proposes to employ a worker at that location within the next 60 days; and (b) has an employer relationship with respect to employees as indicated by the fact that the employer hires, fires, pays, supervises, and otherwise controls the work of the employee.

Private employment agencies, or other entities, including unions, that recruit and refer job-seekers may post current job openings or registered apprenticeship openings that are recognized by the State of Washington Apprenticeship and Training Council. Current openings are ones which are expected to be filled within 60 days.

Employers agree to abide by the WorkSource Job Posting Guidelines, terms and conditions of the WorkSource Data Sharing Notice, ESD Privacy Notice and the following restrictions on use of personal and confidential information:

Job Seeker information accessed through shall not be used for marketing or promotion of a business or self-employment opportunity, training opportunity, product or service; or for recruitment into the Armed Services.

List building is prohibited. Personal information of job seekers shall not be used for the purpose of building up lists for possible future use. Use of seeker information shall be limited to what is needed to fill an immediate job opening for a valid job.

Sharing of Job Seeker personal information is prohibited except as necessary to fill an immediate job opening for an employment opportunity.

The State of Washington and ESD make no guarantee as to the currency, accuracy, or quality of the information stored here. If misleading or otherwise inappropriate information is brought to our attention, a reasonable effort will be made to correct or remove it.