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Resume posting guidelines

The WorkSourceWA website is a valuable labor exchange resource for both job seekers and employers. Searchable resumes are posted directly to WorkSourceWA, and are immediately available for viewing by prospective employers. In order to ensure that searches are as effective as possible, and that employers are able to find qualified candidates, the following guidelines apply to all resumes.

  • Resumes must contain a description of employment related skills, knowledge, abilities and/or work history and/or work-related activity detailed enough to give prospective employers a working understanding of the job seeker's qualifications.
  • Resumes must list the most current employment, including at least the employer's name, job title, duties, and start and end dates. In lieu of employment, most recent work-related activity, such as education (in-school or recently completed school), or military service may be substituted.
  • Resumes may not contain the Social Security Number or date of birth of the job seeker, or the names, phone numbers, or other personal identifying information of references. This is to help ensure privacy.
  • Resumes may not contain illegal, offensive, or unsuitable content or be vague, redundant, out of date, or contain any information deemed inappropriate by our staff or by complaints from users of the website.

  • Inclusion of a personal phone number is optional. Job seekers are encouraged to use email contact only.
  • Educational history is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.
  • A job objective describing the type of work the job seeker is looking for is optional, but highly recommended.