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Services for farmworkers

Day care

Parents need to know that their children are in a safe and nurturing environment in order to be productive in their jobs. Click on the following links to view different agencies and groups that offer day-care services to farm workers with children. All meet state health and safety requirements.

Enterprise for Programs in the Community (EPIC)
EPIC is the second-largest provider of early childhood education programs in the state of Washington, with classrooms at 14 locations in five counties. The agency serves 1,800 preschool-aged children and their families each year, working in collaboration with 19 school districts, 10 child care providers and four private child-care partners.

Washington State Migrant Council (WSMC)
Washington State Migrant Council is a nonprofit corporation that exists to improve the quality of life for migrant, seasonal farm workers and rural poor families by promoting culturally appropriate social services across the state.