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Apprenticeship resources are provided by many different organizations. Here are some to get you started.


It’s easier to research a potential career if you understand common words and phrases used within the industry. Here are words and definitions connected to apprenticeship. 

High school students and influencers

  • Watch this apprenticeship video prepared for Washington high school students.
  • Success in the new economy – video challenging the "college for all" philosophy and showing why alternatives, like apprenticeship, might have a leg up.
  • The Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee shows high school students how to get a running start on careers in aerospace.
  • Download this free guide for parents to understand the ins and outs of apprenticeship.

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Changed lives...

These people have found fulfilling and sustainable careers using Registered Apprenticeship

"I had issues in high school with traditional classroom structure and sitting in a desk all day. I couldn’t stay focused. The hands-on aspect of apprenticeship is something that really caters to the way I learn and like to do things in life." - Natalie


"Apprenticeship prepares you for successful a career. You get the hands-on skills and training you need and get paid while learning it. There’s no better opportunity." - Krishna Richardson Daniels


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