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These people have chosen apprenticeship-based careers (all videos under five minutes).


Look into pre-apprenticeship

Pre-apprenticeship (or apprenticeship prep) programs open the door and help set a foundation for an apprenticeship-based career.

Visit the Centers for Excellence

Visit all 10 of Washington’s Center of Excellence to discover which industry is right for you, including skills, wages and future trends.

Search for apprenticeship openings

In addition to the Centers of Excellence websites, you also can search for openings on Make sure that Registered Apprenticeship appears under Current Search on the left.

Changed lives...

These people have found fulfilling and sustainable careers using Registered Apprenticeship.

"It’s worth it. If you’re doing an apprenticeship, you have the support of everyone in the building. They’re behind you. And now, I am getting paid good money and am only 18 years old." - Bernardo

"There’s something for everyone, as long as you’re ready to work hard. Go for it. That’s my advice. Just do it." - Melanie Malcolm