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Apprenticeship for employers

Recognize the benefits

Attract better applicants
Apprentices are looking for a career, not just a job.

Instill your company's values
Train the kind of employees you want working for you.

More loyal employees
Apprenticeship fosters retention and loyalty, helping you reduce turnover.

Gain a more knowledgeable workforce
Apprentices learn on the job and in the classroom. This training combination puts their skills and knowledge into practice immediately.

Benefit from skilled workers
Apprenticeship builds employees with the skills and certifications you need.

Replenish your skilled workforce
Pass on valuable expertise from older employees to new employees through apprenticeship.

Increase safety
More skilled, knowledgeable apprentices make fewer mistakes and have fewer accidents.

Increase productivity
Apprentices trained specifically to your needs will work smarter and more efficiently.

Become more competitive
Apprenticeship gives you an edge. A more productive company is more competitive.

Earn a return on your investment
A more productive, more competitive company is more profitable. For every dollar you spend training apprentices, you earn $1.50 back. Estimate your return on investment with this detailed calculator.